21571 State Highway 96
Webb City, MO 64870

24/7 Self Service Kiosk

Our Self Service Kiosk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is even available to serve you on the holidays. It is a simple, quick way to:

  • •  Rent a new unit
  • •   Make a payment
  • •   Purchase a lock
  • •  Contact a customer service agent
  • •  Update your address and contact information


There are many times when this service may be helpful for our customers. Some of the situations when it could be beneficial include:

  • •  When you are in a hurry
  • •   You want to make a payment before it is late
  • •  You want to purchase a new lock
  • •  You want a receipt for a cash, check or credit card payment
  • •  You have changed your address or contact information and need to update your records.
  • •  You need to rent another unit
  • •  You want to talk to someone and the on-site manager is not available.

Making a payment is quick and easy

You will need to know your gate code and your last name to make a payment through the kiosk system.To make a payment:

  • •  Press the Existing Customer button
  • •  Enter your Last Name, press the TAB key to move the cursor to the next field
    and enter your Gate Code.
  • •  Press CONTINUE after you have entered your information
  • •  Press Make A Payment button
  • •  Select the unit you wish to make a payment for (you can also make a single payment for multiple units)
  • •  If you have a balance due, the amount owed will be displayed. You can also prepay for future months.
  • •  The kiosk will only accept Cash, Checks or Credit Cards
  • •  Insert payment
  • •  Retrieve your printed receipt